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Best Prices Storable Foods was started by Bruce Hopkins in February, 1994. In daily discussions with two conservative-minded friends at work, they decided it would be an excellent idea to set back some food in case Bill Clinton did something really crazy.... We missed it by a couple presidents didn't we?

He soon had a mailing list of over a thousand prospects and customers, to whom he mailed every month, and every month brought in more orders.  In early 1996, he had a Yellow Pages rep call on him to place an ad in the Dallas phone book.  He was added to the category of "Dehydrated Foods" and asked if it could say "Best Prices."  The rep said, "No, that would require display advertising.  But it COULD say, Best Prices Storable Foods, if that was the name of the company."  And so, the company name was born (and duly registered with the State of Texas).  We went online in September of 1996.

Phyllis, got involved in the business in late 1996.  In late '97 and early '98 Bruce and Phyllis began being asked what they thought about "Why too Kay" and had no idea what people were talking about.  The bell went off in January 1998, when they found out people were preparing for Y2K: Possible problems with computer transitions into the Year 2000.

Business got so hectic, that first Phyllis and then Bruce had to quit their jobs in early and mid-1998, and the couple worked out of their home until the end of the year when the shear volume of business forced them to lease retail space in Sunnyvale, Texas, where they could stock product.  It was at this time that Bruce and Phyllis came up with the industry-changing One Year Food Supply for Four Persons (today copied by many competitors), as well as adding a greater variety of Soup Mixes, Baking Mixes and Casserole Mixes than had ever before been seen in the storable foods industry . . . and are now also copied by many.

With their ongoing quest for more, and better, storable foods, Bruce and Phyllis have added incredible, industry-rocking, products, such as Cheddar Canned Cheese (imported from Australia), Red Feather Brand Canned Butter (the real thing, not powdered, imported from New Zealand), and Real Canned Meats.

Today, Bruce and Phyllis Hopkins along with their daughter Allison Irwin, run their business, again out of their home with a 2,500 warehouse out back (Phyllis running it full time and doing the bulk of the work along with their daughter, Allison), dropshipping the highest quality dehydrated and freeze-dried foods—and other emergency supplies—direct from the manufacturer to you, and warehousing the canned meats, canned cheese, canned butter and diatomaceous earth in their own warehouse.

In October, 2008, (hmmmm, something new every year??) we added McAfee HackerSafe to our website to add to your ordering peace-of-mind.

In the beginning of 2010 we made the big switch and became an LLC (Limited Liabilty Corporation). We decided to just use the initials BPSF.

BPSF Group, LLC is truly looking out for your interests . . . at the best prices for you!

1715 County Road 2540
Quinlan, TX  75474
903-356-6443 9a - 5p CST

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