Buttermilk Powder 6 #10 cans

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Buttermilk Powder 6 #10 cans
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Buttermilk is what?s left over after the butter has been scooped off the top in the butter making process. Usually with a fleck or two of butter floating on the top that failed to get removed, buttermilk is then further processed by culturing it at around 69 degrees F for 12 to 14 hours which gives it it?s distinctive, tangy taste. Slightly thicker than milk, cultured buttermilk has a unique flavor all it?s own that many people like to drink after it?s been well chilled. People with ulcers or other stomach problems have been drinking small quantities of buttermilk for years. It coats the stomach and brings instant relief. Our buttermilk powder is a regular type milk powder rather than an instant type powder. Containing only 100% dried buttermilk, our buttermilk powder has the same flavor as fresh, cultured buttermilk. Prepared for the food manufacturing industry, buttermilk powder can also add real flair to your dishes at home. Use buttermilk powder instead of powdered milk or fresh milk to make great tasting buttermilk pancakes, muffins, cakes, bread, soup and even fried chicken.
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