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Dehydrated Food
These dehydrated foods will store 7 to 25 years or longer, unopened. (They've been eaten after 35 years and found to be just fine.) The cooler you can keep the cans of dehydrated food, the longer they will store. For this line of dehydrated products, a case contains 6 cans.

These items are dropshipped in 3 business days normally

Dry foods are the perfect solution to always having food in your pantry and to keep you from having to rush to the store because you used-the-last-can of grocery store food. When they are rehydrated (water is re-absorbed), they taste like fresh or fresh-frozen foods. Let the reconstituted, dehydrated Powdered Milk sit overnight in the fridge and you can't tell it's not "store bought."

Dehydrated food is ideal for a boat/ship galley, for camping, for storing at your cabin, for your storm shelter, for having on hand in case of flood or hurricane, or just for peace of mind in uncertain times.

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