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One Year Food Supply for 4

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Beware of less expensive units that contain a lot of cheap grains, rice, sugar, flour, salt and beans. You risk suffering from appetite fatigue (starving while surrounded by food your body refuses to go on eating). The variety in our unit is unmatched . . . . especially at this price! 


DIMENSIONS: 40IN X 48IN X 78IN (about the size of a large refrigerator)

To find individual calories for each product check out the additional information on each product which will include number of servings. 

1 Year for 4 contents

Substitutions may have been made

Green Garden Peas                    
Chopped Onions                        
Green Beans                           
Corn, Super Sweet                     
Navy Beans (white)                    
Small Red Beans                       
Pinto Beans                            
Vegetable Stew Blend                  
Tomato Powder (3 cans)                
Carrot Dices (2 cans)                  
Mixed R/G Peppers (1 can)             
Long White Rice                        
Potato Flakes (2 cases)               
Diced Potatoes                        
Shredded Potatoes (Hashbrowns)         
Sliced Potatoes (2 cases)


Mixed Case of Fruits (2 cases)        
(2 cans ea.) Apple Slices, Banana Slices
(1 can ea.) Applesauce, Fruit mix
Strawberry Apple Flakes (3 cans)      
Raisins, Golden (3 cans) 


Soup Mixes/Bases
Chicken Noodle                        
Beef Noodle                            
ABC Soup Mix                           
Macaroni and Cheese                    
Beef Soup Base (bouillon, #2.5)       
Chicken Soup Base (bouillon,#2.5) 


Casserole & Sauce Mixes
Stroganoff Style Casserole           
Chicken Fricassee (3 cans)           
Beef Fricassee (3 cans)                
White Cream Sauce & Soup Base  


Dairy Products
Cheddar Cheese Powder (3 cans)         
Cheese Powder (3 cans)                
Margarine Powder                       
Instant Nonfat Dry Milk (3 cases)     
Nonfat Dry Milk (2 cases)            
Egg Mix                              
Whole Egg Powder     


Orange Drink                          
Peach Drink                            
Apple Drink                            
Cocoa Mix        


Bakery Mixes
Buttermilk Pancake Mix                
Buttermilk Biscuit Mix                
Save Time White Bread Mix (2 cases)              
Squaw Bread Wheat Bread Mix (2 cases)              
Basic Muffin Mix                      
Fudge Brownie Mix     


Pudding Mixes
Vanilla Pudding, Instant (3 cans)      
Chocolate Pudding, inst. (2 cans)      
Banana Pudding, inst. (1 can) 


TVP® & Miscellaneous Items
Beef Flavored                          
Chicken Flavored                      
Taco Flavored                         
Sausage Flavored (2 cans)              
Barbecue Flavored (2 cans)             
Pepperoni Flavored (2 cans)            
Bacon Flavored Bits                                                                                           
Spaghetti                                                                                                                  Elbow Macaroni                         
Egg Noodles                            
Refried Beans (3 cans)                 
Beef Flavored Stew (4 cans)            
Quick Oats, rolled                    
6 Way Rolled Grain                     
Cornmeal (2 cans)                      
Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple Bits (2 ea)
Black Pepper (1 can #2.5)              
Garlic Granules (1 can #2.5)            
Clear Jel inst thickener (1 #2.5 can) 

Cookbook "Just Add Water"
Food Allocation Sheets


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