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If “necessity is the mother of invention”, then innovation is it’s sibling. In today’s economy and world we have created it has been necessary to try and breathe new life into the old tried-and-true products. At one time women cooked everything from scratch and their mother’s and grandmother’s grew crops and canned their own veggies, raised animals for milk, eggs and meat.(There are some who still do but the norm has become fast food and quick meal prep from the grocery stores.) Today, there are so many boxed mixes that you can literally eat every meal someone has thrown in a box with hardly messing up your kitchen.

The “preppers”, as they have become known, have tried to stretch their preparation dollars to the max. We’ve had a variety of dry foods,(both dehydrated and freeze dried) to choose from to mix-n-mingle with our store- bought goods, but that is still mostly cooking from “scratch”. Women today who stop at the store daily or every few days for their dinners aren’t thrilled with all the learning it takes to use all the food that has become the norm in the “prepper” world.


Here’s where the innovation has come in. We brought the first canned meat, cheese and butter to this particular market starting in the late 1990s. These products gave everyone more choices for meals both for prepping and plain ol’ everyday use. We created the first “food units” for more than one person AND that provided more than 1200 calories-a-day. Ours had-and have a better variety of foods.

Our innovation helped others in the “prepper industry” think outside-the-box in assembling their own food units. Previously, some of them just had a lot of grain, cereal and bean fillers, and some were pretty close to our original. Today, there are new startup companies (within the last few years) who have started trying new ways to package-and-sell to those who don’t want to learn to cook from scratch.

These meals are pre-packaged, quicker cooking meals with all or most of the ingredients already in the package. The biggest difference between these pre-packaged meals and store-bought is the packaging. It’s light, oxygen and moisture that cause foods to start breaking down and decaying within a short period of time due to decay in one form or another. Long-term food storage packaging removes those “food killers” from the equation, so food keeps longer. Also lower storage temperature keeps the color, taste and nutrition at their best for longer periods of time.

One company dominated the market on the quick-cooking 2-4 serving, pre-packaged meals in buckets called “grab n go”. Other companies, just like those who took our innovations, have come up with their own versions of the same types of foods packaging them in similar portions.

We are happy to announce that Rainy Day Foods, long time industry leader, has come into the 21st century with guns blazing, giving others a-run-for-their-money with their pre-packaged ready-to-cook meals. Before you make an important decision about food storage, give Rainy Day’s meals a try. For us older women who would rather tackle the cooking these are great for everyday “ I am too tired to cook”, meals and for the younger generation of women who have no desire to learn all that old-school cooking these are tailor made

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