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Real Canned Butter - case 24 cans

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Real Canned Butter - <b>case</b> 24 cans
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Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream, Salt.

Net WT 12oz (340g) per can. 24 cans are in a case

Serving size 1 TBSP (14g)

Servings per container 24

Calories 100

Calories from fat 100

Total Fat 11g 17%

Saturated Fat 8g 40%

Cholesterol 30mg 9%

Sodium 65mg 3%

Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%

Protein 0g

Vitamin A 8%

IMPORTANT: WE INSPECT EACH CAN, BEFORE PLACING IT IN THE SHIPPING BOX, TO BE SURE IT IS NOT DENTED. WE DO NOT SHIP DENTED CANS. WE PLACE CARDBOARD DIVIDERS BETWEEN ALL THE CANS TO DO ALL WE CAN TO ASSURE THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM IN GOOD CONDITION. UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (UPS) HAS RECENTLY BEGUN EXPEDITED GROUND DELIVERY "SERVICE". THEY ARE VERY ROUGH IN THEIR HANDLING OF HEAVY PACKAGES. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THiS CANNED BUTTER TO ARRIVE AT YOUR LOCATION WITHOUT BEING DENTED, USUALLY TO A MINOR EXTENT. WE CANNOT REPLACE THESE MINOR DENTED CANS UNLESS UPS REIMBURSES FOR THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSED IN SHIPPING. WE HAVE HAD CUSTOMERS TELL US THAT CANS WERE DENTED EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE SHIPPING BOX. IF YOU DO NOT REPORT THIS HIDDEN, INTERNAL DAMAGE TO UPS, AND IF WE DO NOT GET REIMBURSED FOR THE DAMAGE, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT REPLACE THE PRODUCT. PLEASE READ OUR Frequently Asked Questions Page FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Please Note: It is YOUR responsibility to report, and make claim for, any shipping damage incurred by UPS or other shipping company. Have the driver sign for any damaged cases. (Please do not make a claim for minor denting of the cans. UPS is frequently rough with packages. Minor dents will not affect the storage life of the product.) We will not replace product or issue refunds for damaged goods that you do not report, and for which we are not reimbursed by the shipping company. (Do not dispose of damaged product until shipping company OKs it. They frequently want to inspect damage. If there is internal, hidden damage, you keep the product in the original packaging for UPS or trucking company inspection.) Thank you for your understanding.

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Real Canned Butter - case 24 cans (COPY)
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