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Shipping Charges?

What's Up with the shipping charges?


Why is the shipping so high? 

There are a few things that can cause what seems like astronomical shipping. Shipping is calculated on weight of item or items to be shipped and the distance it travels. The heavier the items the more shipping charges go up.

Things like Super pails or bags have the most costly single item shipping charges. However, if you order larger quantities there are shipping discounts or we can ship via truck and save some shipping for you. If that is the case please email bpsf903@gmail.com or call 903-356-6443 and give us your state, town and zipcode so we can get a more reasonable rate for you. Abandoned orders don't save any info so we just have to delete them and cannot let you know what your actual shipping charges are so you can make an informed decision.

The second reason shipping can seem high even for small orders is what gets shipped from where. We do not stock everything here and suppliers will have their own shipping charges. When orders shipped from more than one place are combined each place has a shipping charge. When combined it can seem unreasonable but really isn't.

Shipping is not calculated as a percentage of cost so an item in a bucket that costs $30 and weighs 50#s may have a shipping charge of $30-$40 depending on where it's going. We do not upcharge shipping. We do not have anything to do with what shippers charge and don't receive any of the money. We have had folks send angry emails about shipping charges. It doesn't help. The rates for shipping have nothing to do with us. We try and sell products for a fair price, mark up on food items is minimal, so your anger is misplaced.

We have a number of items with free shipping but we can't do that with everything. We tried and lost money because cheap, heavy items had more shipping charges than any mark up we received. We also have to pay the credit card fees on the whole order, not just the product.

Why don't you offer shipping through the post office?

Everything is calculated through UPS. Small  items alone or small books have more shipping added than needed. We can recalculate those items if shipping alone thru usps and let you know what that would be. A small book or a few packages of desiccants will fit in a small flat rate box but nothing else.  A book alone can be mailed in an envelope. USPS charges more than UPS for most other items but if you have to have it thru the post office we can calculate it for you.

Our cart periodically has glitches with shipping charges. I apologize for that. We get the people who built it to work on it, but they usually don't have quick fixes. We have no idea what happens and have been searching for a better cart that has the same features. So far, no luck.

We appreciate you taking the time to look over our site and considering us for your needs. If there are any shipping questions, please feel free to call 903-356-6443 9:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Saturday Central Standard Time and ask for an actual quote or you can email us at bpsf903@gmail.com. We are here to help.

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