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What if . . .

What if you can't get to the grocery store or, the store shelves are empty or, you don't want to drive into town for any reason? You've had a rough week and just don't feel like getting out, don't want to catch the flu this season? There's ice on the roads! Or,  maybe you just don't want to drive your car and spend enormous sums on fuel. The recent natural disasters may have you thinking it's time to build an emergency supply, or have an emergency preparedness plan. (Domestic and emergency preparedness is highly recommended by the Department of Homeland Security!)

More and more of those sailing long distances (even sailing around the world) are turning to our canned dehydrated foods, canned meats, canned cheese and canned butter, to stock their galley. For them, there IS no grocery store for weeks at a time!

Whatever your reason for wanting storable foods, our site has reasonable, affordable, delicious solutions. We carry a full line of dehydrated, (dried), vegetables, fruits, dairy, mixes and more. We also have freeze dried foods as well as real canned meats, real canned cheese and (wow!) real canned butter! Our store is a one stop shop. You can purchase water filters, grain mills and books for all kinds of help. We are here for family preparedness. (For whom do you want to prepare more than your family?) Most don't have an emergency preparedness store in their neighborhoods so what could be better than an online preparedness grocery store? Have questions, beginner, call us. We will be happy to help in anyway we can.

If you aren't sure what or how much to purchase, consider what your family normally eats. If a disaster happens, natural or otherwise, children and grandchildren are most likely going to come home. I know if we're hungry (Phyllis' and Bruce's kids and grandkids) and we have no food, we can always go to their house to eat.

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