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We've got 'em! The genuine articles. Real canned meats that will store 5-7 years or longer. (The manufacturer guarantees them for 5 years.) They're in stock and ready to ship or pick up. (A delicious addition to your galley for that blue water sailing adventure!) These aren't the minced, jellied mush that comes in the little cans of meat by-product you find in your supermarket. They're generous chunks of beef, chicken, turkey and pork they're 28 or 14.5 ounces of real, ground beef (hamburger) cooked in the can, in their own juices.

Did you know?
When a can of meat reads "with Broth" (for example, Beef with Broth) that means WATER has been added to the can.  It's a way for a company to save money by giving you less meat!  It's a lower quality product.

Our canned meats are packed into cans raw, the can is sealed and the meat is then cooked in the can. The liquid in our cans is the natural juices that are cooked out of the meat.  That's quality product!

We did our homework before we decided to carry these products. We discovered that most companies that sell canned meats sell them in #10 cans weighing 6 pounds each. That's great if you're throwing a neighborhood block party, have 15 in your family, run a restaurant or a soup kitchen, but not very practical for the average family.

Then, we found (by actual taste test) that most meat-canning companies add a little too much salt to their meat. Not a disgusting amount, but it was noticeable . . . and I'm a salt-aholic. (One of our copycat competitors sells meats that contain 25% FAT!)

See, unlike many food distributors, we try what we sell before we sign on with a company. If it can pass my easygoing scrutiny (would eat grass clippings if they had my favorite Italian dressing on them . . .) and pass Phyllis' tough-to-please pallet (excellent cook and former restaurant manager . . .), then we figure you'll like them. We don't sell stuff just to make money. (Oh, by the way, don't let Phyllis read this. She'll turn it around on me. Our secret, O.K.?)

14.5 oz cans
14.5 oz cans
Great for a family of 1 to 3 people
28 oz cans
28 oz cans
Great for a family of 4 to 6 people.
Taste is a personal thing, and there may be items that I like and you don't, but we really do strive to find quality foods and other products for you. We're REALLY impressed with these meats! Our first experience was with the Boneless Pork Loin. When Phyllis opened the can, she uttered a little shriek and said, "This is a REAL chunk of meat!" That sounded promising! I continued watching the (non)news while she heated the loin in the oven, smothered in sauerkraut (umm, umh!). (These meats are precooked and only need to be heated or fried/broiled, etc. So you save energy with them, and, in a pinch, they could be eaten right out of the can like an MRE.)
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